Wireless local-area networks (WLANs) have a deployment advantage; they foster creativity by enabling users to roam freely within the network's range. However, the same free access can leave the enterprise exposed to strangers. Wi-Fi security threats can range from rogue and misconfigured access points to client misassociation.

As businesses become increasingly dependent on wireless technologies for voice and data communications, the quality and reliability of wireless services becomes mission critical. We at KLexServe address all Wi-Fi security needs of an organization and provide an optimized solution.
Our portfolio of Wi-Fi security services includes, but not limited to:
Wi-Fi security Policy
Secure access point configurations
Secure wireless client configurations
Secure wireless P2P connections, etc.
Video Surveillance
Secure Network Architecture Design
Server Hardening
Corporate training; security & Investigation
IT Act 2000 Consulting & Compliance
Cyber Forensics
Wi - Fi Security
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