We specialize in conducting Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments tests. Our team of information security experts prepares comprehensive test report with meticulous documentation and an in-depth analysis of loopholes found. Our comprehensive report not only provides and in depth analysis of the current security threats and associated risks to an organization’s IT infrastructure, but also provides recommendations to enhance security and putting in place necessary security controls.
Few more common tests performed by us are against:
Firewall configuration
SQL Injection
Java Script Injection
Remote File Injection
Remote code Injection
Open relays, etc.
Conducting VA/PT at regular intervals ensures protection from the following:
Brand degradation
Competitive disadvantage
Breach notification
Loss of business
Violation of contractual requirements and the potential loss of customer
Video Surveillance
Secure Network Architecture Design
Server Hardening
Corporate training; security & Investigation
IT Act 2000 Consulting & Compliance
Cyber Forensics
Wi – Fi Security
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