KLexServe has the ability to offer high quality, high value corporate investigation and Digital Forensics including Computer Forensics for tackling computer frauds and cyber crimes services, Admissible end-to-end digital forensic investigation of incidences, enhancing existing forensic tools, extracting admissible digital evidence, Date and Time Stamp Authentication, Steganography, Digitized Document Fraud Detection, and Developing enhanced Digital Forensic Principles including but not limited to:
Analyzing Web Server Logs
Tracking Email Accounts
Date and Time Stamp Authentication
Recovering Deleted Evidence
Handling Encrypted Files
Handling Hidden Data
Investigating email headers
Digitized Document Fraud Detection
Hard Disks forensics [including the preparing of mirror copies
Video Surveillance
Secure Network Architecture Design
Server Hardening
Corporate training; security & Investigation
IT Act 2000 Consulting & Compliance
Cyber Forensics
Wi – Fi Security
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